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First of all what is an off-set mortgage?  It is a mortgage that was designed to allow you to use your idle cash to “off-set” your mortgage principal balance, thus saving you harmful interest cost. This mortgage was designed to benefit the borrower, not the banks. By using your idle cash to work for you to save you on interest cost, you will be able to take decades off your mortgage. What would your financial picture look like if you could pay off your home in a third of the time, without changing your normal spending habits.

Here are some of the loan's key benefits that you can ONLY find with this mortgage program:

  • The only loan designed to apply your payments toward the principal first.
  • The only loan engineered as a financial tool that combines borrowing and banking into one.
  • The only loan designed to cut interest cost by 30%.
  • The only loan that gives you payment flexibility and equity access for 30 years.
  • The only loan designed to reduce risk.
  • The only loan engineered to help you achieve financial security and independence.

To learn more about how this loan works and to see how it could help you achieve financial freedom, click on the link below.


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